BLE TPMS-Tire pressure Monitoring System

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商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

The world's first BLE TPMS technology, integrate with Internet of things ,don't need to install display screen, just open the smart phone APP, will see the four tire pressure and tire temperature situation clearly.

  1. 可預防胎壓不正常導致爆胎,降低事故發生
  2. 手機即時掌握輪胎狀況(如:胎壓過高、過低、快速漏氣或輪胎溫度過高…),延長輪胎使用壽命
  3. 省油省錢有利環保
  4. 政府法令規定必須安裝
  5. 增加駕駛舒適性

Product Features
*BLE TPMS technology BT4.0                                        *Smart voice broadcast system
*Voice Device, No cable, quick installation                  *Integrate with bluetooth technology & 
Internet of Things
*Precise data of TPMS                                                    *Webmail copy
*Tire temperture monitoring in synchronized way     *Prevent interference in high speed drive
*Support Ios/Android App                                             *Super battery life

Product Accessories
Voice device X1
Sensor X4
Nozzle X4
Kits X1
Product Instructions (Warranty) X1

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